Johnny Golden stands for electronic music created with dedication, heart and soul. Experiments in the sound laboratory and musical brainchilds are the substrate for his unique sound with regard to the dancefloor. Inspired by all kinds of music he combines them to a new matchless sound to be always one step ahead of the trend.




"Molekühl" is a project from Hamburg, which is devoted to an electronic emotional sound and texts in german and english at the highest stage. It consists of the producer and DJ "Johnny Golden" aka Hannes H., who has his roots in Hip Hop and electronic dancemusic, and the singer "Molekühl" whose real name is Matthias M..As a son of a musician he lend his voice to various projects from Reggea to german folk music and understands it in a unique way to transfix the public. Together they want to develope their particular sound between pop, house, deep techno and modern clubsound, catchy melodies and deep lyrics of its own interpretation of current music.





 Chris Cossfade lives for the time near the baltic sea. His first contact with music was in the elementary school as singer in the school choir. After ska and punkrock he discovered his love for electronic music. In 2003,began the interest to produce his own tracks . In the first time produced Chris electronic music on a laptop and later he discovered the benefits of drumcomputer and synthesizier. His influences for his tracks and his tendency to melancholy melodies comes through the rough stormy Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, his tracks are always different.






It all started when I was a kid, music was such a passion of mine. From the country songs to the "ice ice baby" I was addicted. As, I grew older I began to get more involved with music and found my passion for rap and hip-hop. In high school I took rap to a higher level and began free-styling amongst my peers and would occasionally attract crowds. Though I was very skilled at the art I had no desire to become a rapper for real. It was just a hobby of mine that I used to express myself. After some inspiration from people who believed in me I decided to give it a go. This did not come to fruition until I joined the Navy. After spitting freestyles with my fellow sailors, and getting drunk and spitting more freestyles, I decided that it was time to make things real.